DIY Siding Replacement vs Hiring A Contractor (Pros & Cons)

DIY siding replacement

An attractive home is the desire of most people. One of the things you can do to enhance the beauty of your home is the regular replacement of the outdated siding. With some DIY methods, you can effectively replace the siding of your house. 

However, have you thought about the aftermath of doing that, especially if you do not get it right? Before you begin the process of replacing the siding yourself, it is better if you have a comparative knowledge of both the DIY methods and hiring a professional. Check out this article for the pros and cons of both DIY siding replacement and hiring a professional. 

What you should consider before you decide on DIY siding replacement or hiring a professional

Before you finally decide on replacing the siding yourself or hiring a professional, you should deliberate on the following: 

Do you have the right tools? 

No matter how small the siding replacement project is, you will need some tools to execute the project. You will need tools such as a hammer, measuring square, power drills, power saw, unlocking tools, safety equipment, and many more. Do you have these at home or are you just going to buy them? 

Do you have the experience and skills? 

Most of the highlighted tools above are also usable for other DIY activities and it is likely you have them at home or you will be willing to buy them. Though you can watch videos on YouTube and read about DIY siding replacement online, have you considered the experience involved and the required skills? 

Do you have the available personnel? 

It might be easier for you to undergo the process of replacing the siding yourself if you have the experience, the expertise and if the task deals with minor replacement. What happens if you are dealing with the whole exterior of your house? In a situation like this, you will need help. Do you have the required support around you? 

Do you have the resources? 

When you opt for DIY methods, it will save you some money. Have you considered the time it will take you to execute the job, the additional expenses you will incur if you make mistakes? A professional can complete the task that will take you days in a few hours. Though hiring a professional might be costlier, you should consider the available resources. 

Common tools for DIY siding replacement

If you have the experience, the skills, and the resources, you will need access to the right tools before you can replace the siding yourself. Highlighted below are some of the common tools for siding replacement you need at home. 

Protective equipment

You shouldn’t embark on any project without considering your safety. You need your glove, protective eyeglasses, sturdy ladder, and other equipment that can guarantee your safety. 


This is one of the most important tools. You will need it to hold the siding in position and stay even. An unevenness of siding will create a major problem as you continue the task.

Power saw

You need this so that you can quickly complete the cutting task. You can opt for a circular or bench saw. 


You should make this handy around you. You will need it at intervals for various tasks during the process of replacing the siding. 

Unlocking tools

You need this for the removal and replacement of siding without the threat of ruining it. 

Measuring square

This helps to have an even installation and straight angle. 

Power drill

You will need this for the execution of different tasks during the project. 

Choosing the DIY siding replacement route

Replacing siding looks simple but you should know that this is not for people who are newly trying out DIY. It might be easy replacing the siding in open areas but the task gets difficult when you get to the tricky and technical areas of the project. For instance, do you know how to attach board and sheathing, the trimming of edges? When you make mistakes in these areas, you are increasing the cost and the time it will take to complete the project. If you have the right resources and the skills, then you have to weigh the pros and cons of your decision to opt for the DIY route. 

Pros of DIY siding replacement

The following are some of the pros of replacing your siding yourself: 

Saves money

Unless you make mistakes during the project, you tend to save money with DIY. 

Best option

This is the best option for you if you have the experience and the resources to do it. 

You can gain experience

If you can complete the task yourself, you will gain experience. Moreover, you will be satisfied that you did it yourself. 

Work according to your schedule

You will execute the project at your convenience and you will not have to endure the hassle of having construction workers in your home. 

Cons of DIY siding replacement

Highlighted below are some of the cons of replacing your siding yourself: 

Greater loss

Any mistake whatsoever could lead to greater loss and you will pay more. It is easier to make mistakes than to fix them. 

Choosing to hire a contractor for siding replacement

A professional siding contractor does not only have the experience and the required skills, but such a person also has the right tools as well as the knowledge of the best material at reasonable prices. Before you hire any contractor, you should research and ask questions about their licenses and qualifications. Moreover, you should read reviews and ask for references. You might get an ugly siding if you fail to don’t go through the stress of hiring the best contractor. Hiring a contractor is the best option if you do not have the right resources and skills to execute the project yourself. 

Pros of hiring a contractor

The following are some of the cons of hiring a professional:

Complete trust

If you can hire a contractor with the right portfolio, you will have complete trust in the job such a contractor will do. A contractor will also offer you a warranty on the job being executed. 

Other services

Most contractors will offer you the service of cleaning your home once the project is completed. 

Legal backing

A contractor will get the required permits that are needed for the task and also abide by existing building laws. 

Cons of hiring a professional

Below are the cons of hiring a contractor


The cost of hiring a contractor for siding replacement is higher than doing it yourself. 

Busy schedule

You might not be able to predict the schedule and the availability of a contractor. 


Siding replacement could be a challenging job, especially if you are a beginner. If you want it done quickly and perfectly, you should hire a contractor and that’s what Best Austin Roofing is here for! We provide professional siding installation, repair, and replacement to improve the look and value of your home.

Get in touch with a Pro siding replacement contractor or call 512-913-1691 for more information on siding repairs, installation, replacement, and any other general roofing services.

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